In September of 1994, X-Cel Contacts became a division of the Walman Optical family. In years following, PC Optical, Soderberg Contact Lens, Ideal Optics, Westcon and Hydrogel Vision (Extreme H2O) have joined X-Cel in representing the contact lens division of Walman. X-Cel is an industry leading manufacturer of custom soft and gas permeable contact lenses.  We have ten locations nationwide, so no matter where you practice, you can be assured we have a location near you.  With a phone system connecting all ten locations, you are sure to get a human on the other end, a must according to our customers.  X-Cel’s international division continues to grow with a strong presence in South America and continues to expand globally.

No one in the optical industry gives you such an extensive selection of custom soft and gas perm proprietary lens designs. With 34 lens designs, we think you will find that our many specialty products offer solutions for all visual needs.  Quality is of utmost importance at X-Cel and no lens goes out the door without passing through our quality system.  With an NCLE certified consultation staff adding up to over 325 years of experience, our doctors are sure to get the expertise they expect and deserve when dealing with difficult fits. Combining the doctor’s years of education and clinical experience with our lens specific consultation is the best way to ensure each and every fit is a successful one.

Our Promise

At X-Cel, we believe the patient in the chair is our patient too. We take the same care in consultation and manufacturing that our doctors do in patient evaluation and fitting. Ultimately, everything we do reflects on the practitioner in the eyes of their patients. Their good vision and satisfaction is the Eye Care Practitioner’s goal. The Eye Care Practitioner’s complete satisfaction is our goal. Combine all of this, and you have an organization committed to the very best.  We Fit Your Practice.

X-Cel® Specialty Contacts Quality Policy

We are committed to providing quality and value in every product that we produce. We are further committed to maintain an effective quality management system that is compliant with applicable regulatory requirements which includes standards, laws, regulations, or directives in the U.S. and international markets. All employees of X-Cel Specialty Contacts share a vision of quality that extends beyond our product line to include levels of service and our quality objectives. We are guided by a dedication to understanding, anticipating, and meeting the requirements of our customers and the patients they support.

ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management Systems

This International Standard specifies requirements for a Quality Management System where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide Medical Devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to Medical Devices and related services. 

The primary objective of this standard is to facilitate harmonized Medical Device regulatory requirements for Quality Management Systems.