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X-Cel Adds Extended Range Toric with a 5 Day Shipping Guarantee to the Extreme H2O Portfolio

Atlanta, GA, January 23, 2018 - X-Cel Specialty Contacts announced today the expansion of their Extreme H2O product line with a new extended range toric option, the Extreme H2O Toric XRP.

The product is made with Hioxiflcon A, a non-ionic ultra-hydrating material that retains 99% of its water content throughout the wearing time. Extreme H2O Toric XRP is available in similar base curves and diameters to the Proclear Toric XR, but will offer powers from +10.00 to -10.00 in 0.25D steps.

X-Cel Vice President and General Manager, Derrell James states that, “we will offer a free trial lens, but the major advantage of the Extreme H2O Toric XRP is the shipping guarantee.  We will ship our product within 5 days or the 6 pack is free.”

Empower Your Practice Scleral Workshops

Empower Your Practice is a free educational workshop meant to introduce attendees to scleral lenses, its indications, benefits, and simplified fitting techniques proven to optimize success to the patient.  The main focus is on the 1-2-3 easy fitting of the lenses and the potential benefits that scleral lenses can offer for the right indications.  An interactive hands-on workshop will provide the attendee a higher level of confidence in fitting and evaluating a scleral lens with the option to try-on the comfort of a scleral lens. 

Below is a list of upcoming workshops that we will be hosting. If you are interested in attending one of these events please contact us at or register online at

X-Cel Announces the Introduction of a Daily Disposable Contact Lens in 3 Diameter Options

DULUTH, GEORGIA (March 1, 2016) X-Cel Specialty Contacts, makers of Extreme H2O® disposable soft contact lenses, announced today the expansion of their product line with a new lens: Extreme H2O Daily. It is the only one day disposable contact lens available in three diameter options (13.6, 14.2 and 14.8) enabling practitioners to get a precise fit on all their patients.

Most contact lens manufacturers determine the base curve and diameter of their lenses based on the average HIVD of 11.8.  The unfortunate reality is that 27% of patients have an HVID that falls outside the normal range of 11.3 to 12.3.  These patients would benefit from a smaller or larger diameter contact lens.  If patients are put in a lens that is not a proper fit, they can experience discomfort, irritation, reduced wear time, and are often treated for conditions they don’t have.   Extreme H2O Daily 13.6 and 14.8 can prevent these issues for this large subset of patients. 

X-Cel Vice President and General Manager, Derrell James states that the 13.6 lens is a perfect solution for patients with smaller corneas or lid apertures, and the 14.8 should be a go-to lens for patients with active lifestyles.  “For kids, the smaller diameter is much easier to insert and remove, which helps alleviate morning struggles with putting their lenses on,” explains James.  “The 14.8 diameter is more stable on the eye and less likely to decenter or fall out during sports activities.  It’s also a solution for patients who experience lens awareness during blink because it provides more coverage and tucks under the lids.  This helps to reduce or eliminate discomfort due to lid interaction.”

X-Cel Specialty Contacts provides a slide ruler for quick and efficient HVID measurement.  It can be used by a technician and adds minimal time to the exam.  Patients with an HVID larger than 12.3 should be fit in the larger 14.8 diameter lens, and patients with an HVID less than 11.4 should be fit in the smaller 13.6 diameter lens.

Extreme H2O Daily is made with Hioxiflcon A, a non-ionic ultra-hydrating material that retains 99% of its water content throughout the wearing time. Lens comfort, movement and fit are stable throughout the day.  Extreme H2O Daily comes in three diameter options 13.6 (8.2 BC), 14.2 (8.5BC) and 14.8 (8.7 BC). Available parameters in all diameters are: +0.50 to +6.00 and -0.50 to -10.00 (.50D steps after -6.00).

For information on how to receive a free diagnostic trial set, call X-Cel Specialty Contacts or any of their authorized distributors.

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