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Duluth, GA: September 10, 2023, -  On behalf of X-Cel Specialty Contacts and Essilor Custom Contact Lens Specialists, we thank you for your ongoing trust and business. In our ongoing efforts for continuous improvement, we have the following announcement. Effective on October 1, X-Cel will move from using polycarbonate vials to the more traditional screw top containers used by eye care practitioners globally.

This move provides several benefits:

- The vials are typically discarded once lenses are dispensed, adding large amounts of plastic waste to the environment. The screw top containers are typically provided to patients when dispensing lenses for the patients to use. The vials do not provide any benefit to the patient experience.

- Shipping our gas permeable lenses in screw top containers reduces the cost to the practitioner since they can be dispensed to the patient directly, removing the need for the practice to purchase containers separately.

- Vials have a higher propensity to leak storage solution during shipping due to expansion and contraction from varying temperatures and pressures. Screw top containers are more stable and will reduce leaking.

We hope these changes add value to your practice, reduce cost, and support your own green environment activities. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-241-9312 or at


An 89% first fit success rate provides certified eye care professionals with reduced chair time on new REMLens fits, and eliminates concerns about re-fits with other leading Ortho-k lenses.

Duluth, GA: July 1, 2021 -  X-Cel Specialty Contacts, a global leader of specialty gas permeable, including the Atlantis™ Scleral, and custom soft lens designs for irregular corneas, announced today the launch of REMLens®, a highly adjustable, yet easy-to-fit orthokeratology design for the management of myopia, manufactured exclusively in Boston® Equalens® II material. REMLens® is designed to yield a Rapid Eye MoldingTM effect for patients with low-to-moderate myopic refractive errors.

REMLens® can be prescribed to patients of all ages who are diagnosed with low-to-moderate myopia (up to –5.00D sphere, and up to –1.50D of astigmatism). With an 89% first fit success rate, REMLens offers certified eye care professionals a lens design with a broad range of parameter flexibility, and a significant reduction in chair time when fitting empirically from Ks and Rx. REMLens features four independently adjustable fitting zones, five diameter sizes: each with three optic zone options, and the revolutionary Dynamic Edge Profile™, providing on-eye comfort in an open and closed eye setting.

Additionally, certified eye care professionals utilizing the online REMLens® Calculator can reduce chair time on new fits, or re-fits, and maintain historical patient information through up loadable corneal topography maps, fluorescein images, and video files. The REMLens® Calculator minimizes potential financial loss related to excessive chair time when utilizing multiple diagnostic lenses to achieve an acceptable fit. REMLens tools can also be used to support replacement lenses of other leading Ortho-K lenses, simplifying and eliminating concerns about re-fits. Novice to expert orthokeratologists will appreciate the adjustability beyond what other orthokeratology designs offer.

Myopia is the most common refractive error worldwide and is estimated to affect about 50 percent of the global population by the year 2050. Studies show environmental risk factors such as near work, the age at which education or device usage begins, and time spent outdoors5 can cause worsening myopia. With both genetic and environmental factors contributing to myopia, it is paramount for eye care professionals to educate their patients on the risks associated with higher levels of myopia.

“REMLens® delivers on our strategy of offering eye care professionals the latest orthokeratology technology with easy-to-fit and highly adjustable parameters, regardless if the patient is a new fit or needing a refit. The introduction of REMLens® will help ensure that patients have access to this life improving modality, and when prescribed, may reduce vision-threatening complications that higher levels of worsening myopia present, such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, cataract, and glaucoma.2,” said Derrell James, Vice President and General Manager, X-Cel Specialty Contacts.

REMLens® may be ordered directly through X-Cel Specialty Contacts or their exclusive distributor ABB Optical Group’s Specialty Vision Products division.

About X-Cel Specialty Contacts X-Cel Specialty Contacts offers the widest selection of specialty contact lenses in the industry to ensure proper fit, visual acuity, and all-day comfort. X-Cel’s business is guided by the same core principles and single vision: to be the most trusted business partner in the industry. For more information visit their website at or for questions and ordering you may call the customer care line at 1.800.241.9312.


Duluth, GA, August 11, 2020 - X-Cel Specialty Contacts announces the implementation of two key components of the Bounce Back program by launching a new and simplified warranty and returns policy. The new policy will be effective September 1, 2020, and will allow for unlimited exchanges within 120 days on all warranted custom soft and gas permeable products (including the Atlantis scleral). Under this new policy, X-Cel will also move from a return fee upon credit to an exchange fee upon reorder which will allow for simpler reconciliation of account statements.

Additionally, add-on fees have been eliminated, including charges for truncation, fenestration, lenticular, notching, and prism among others. Tangible HydraPEG, PlasmaEYEZ treatment, and material surcharges remain in effect.

X-Cel believes these changes, in addition to, their Bounce Back program will not only make doing business with them simpler, but also believe it will allow for more profitability in your eye care business.

The full warranty and returns policy can be found on the website under ECP Resources, or call 800.241.9312 for a copy.

X-Cel Launches the Bounce Back Program...A Support Program to Help you Reignite, Reinvent, and Recover from COVID-19

Duluth, GA, May 1, 2020 -  X-Cel Specialty Contacts has launched the Bounce Back program, a comprehensive offering to support specialty contact lens practices and patients in efforts to reignite and reinvent the “new normal” for their business and to recover from COVID-19.

The Bounce Back program offers extensive programs including patient recall support, simplified ordering with free add-ons, extended warranties to 120 days, reduced prices on fitting sets and spare lenses, shipping discounts through USPS First Class mail, direct shipments to patients, as well as, ongoing educational events.

“Through this support program, our customers can count on X-Cel to help Reignite and Reinvent their practices, and most importantly, to be in a position to quickly Recover from this crisis. As a one-stop-shop for everything optical businesses may need via our sister divisions in Walman, our vision is to be the most trusted business partner in the industry” says Derrell James, VP/GM of X-Cel Specialty Contacts.

For more information on Bounce Back, visit our website at or call customer service at 800.241.9312.

Atlantis™ Scleral Deep Savings Spare Lens Program

Atlanta, GA, February 19, 2019 - As a trusted business partner, X-Cel Specialty Contacts feels it is important to listen to our Eye Care Professionals. In response to practitioner feedback, our Atlantis Spare Lens Program has been updated. The new Atlantis Spare Lens Program offers Atlantis lenses, in duplicate parameters, at a savings of 40 to 50% off the standard price when purchased within 90 days of the patient’s final Rx.

It has become a standard to ask for a back-up pair of eyeglasses and we believe no one could benefit more from a back-up pair of contact lenses than specialty contact lens patients. This tremendous savings on Atlantis Scleral spare lenses gives the Eye Care Professional an affordable option for patients who cannot function without their specialty lenses should one become lost or broken. For added value, we offer travel-sized, mirrored patient kits that bring convenience and a place to store spare lenses. This program is for the continental United States only.

For more information on Atlantis Scleral, please visit our website: or call 800.241.9312.

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